At Lincoln Orthodontics, we make sure that everyone who has a brace fitted is given comprehensive information about how to look after it. As a reminder though, in each newsletter, we will be focussing on a different aspect of brace care.

This month’s topic is a reminder of some important dietary information.

Foods which can break your brace. Easy to remember: sticky foods can pull the brackets off, whilst hard foods can knock them off! So, no chewing gum, toffees or jelly sweets please, and anything hard or crunchy really needs to be cut up into bite-sized pieces before you put it in your mouth.

Food and drink which can damage your teeth. This is really important. Fizzy drinks are acidic and can cause demineralisation of tooth enamel: if you want to avoid unsightly marks on your teeth caused by this, the only safe thing to do is to avoid fizzy drinks completely! Snacks, nibbles and drinks between meals have also been shown to cause demineralisation, so our advice is to stick to three meals per day.