Here, our orthodontic nurse Kerryl talks about her experience as a patient. “You’d be a complex case, but we could give it a go and see what happens…….???!” Those were the words I distinctly remember my boss saying to me one day during an Invisalign© training day. Of course I was totally committed to the thought of having beautifully straight teeth one day, and seeing as I was working in a role where patients expect a perfect smile to greet them, it was a no brainer. But out of all those different braces, Why Invisalign©?

Invisalign©, clear plastic removable aligners…… Wear them for a minimum of 22 hours a day, take them out to eat, drink and brush your teeth & change them every two weeks so that progressively your teeth straighten out. Virtually invisible and virtually pain free. It’s certainly not the fastest way to a perfect smile, especially in my case, but that’s ok if you’re not in a rush because you do get there eventually.

The fact that you can see the proposed end result with a click of the mouse on your computer screen (via the virtual movie set up), kind of gives you that push to get through it; and the drive to be self-disciplined & strict about the wear regime. I’ve wondered on numerous occasions whether I should have opted for a fixed brace, mainly get the treatment done quicker, but honestly I think I picked the right one for me. I am now finished; see for yourself with my before and after photos…..definitely without a doubt worth all the effort!

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