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Laser treatment

Add the finishing touch to your smile

Everyone’s gumlines are different. Some are high, some are low, and some are uneven. Laser treatment can help to even out your gumline and reframe your teeth.

What is laser treatment?

The soft tissue lasers at Lincoln Orthodontics are a gentle and effective way to re-sculpt your gums. We can use them to make your smile more symmetrical and even, and to remove fibrous gum tissue that sometimes forms between teeth when you have prolonged spacing issues.

Watch this video to see the great results we can get with our laser treatment:

Is laser gum treatment safe?

Dr Clare has a certification in soft tissue laser therapy and is well qualified to carry our your laser resurfacing treatment. He will only suggest it to you if you want to further enhance your finished smile.

Our lasers naturally sterilise your smile as they work, eliminating all bacteria at the surgery site and helping to speed up the recovery process.

 Is laser gum treatment safe?

Who can benefit from laser treatment?

Laser treatment is not usually a medical necessity. It is to improve the appearance of your smile by making gumlines more symmetrical, or doing away with the ‘gummy smile’ look. If you are unhappy with the shape or size of your teeth, it’s worth asking us about our laser treatment!

In some cases, laser gum resurfacing is recommended for medical reasons. If you have periodontal disease that cannot be treated with nonsurgical methods, laser treatment might be the next step to healing your infected gums.

 Who can benefit from laser treatment?

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