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Is orthodontic treatment for me?

Some brace manufacturers heavily promote “quick fixes” to both patients and dentists. These treatments are called “6 month smiles”. Although this may be appropriate for certain patients who have minor problems and whose required tooth movements fall into that category, you need to be sure that this is the right treatment for you. 

Any brace is capable of moving teeth within six months. How long your treatment will take depends on how much movement is required for the crown of the tooth and root to arrive in the correct position. Nature has its own biological pace for moving teeth safely in the same way as your body has an optimum rate for growing a baby during pregnancy. Just as we would not compromise on the gestation period of our baby to ensure its full development, it is also better to move teeth at their biological pace. Accelerating the movement of teeth is painful and damages the roots and bone support irreversibly. Therefore orthodontists move teeth slowly and biologically. Quick treatment may align the crowns of the teeth but not the roots... a job only half done!

At Lincoln Orthodontics, we have the specialist expertise to assess you and to advise you on the correct course of treatment to ensure that your treatment is as efficient, successful and painless as possible. If after a full assessment it is decided that your treatment will only take 6 months, then great, that is what it takes.  


The question is, whether a short course of treatment will give you the results you are looking for. Only an orthodontist with experience in all types of orthodontic problems and braces will be able to tell you. (A cardiologist will discuss your options for a heart complaint better than your GP).


At Lincoln Orthodontics, you can meet our specialist orthodontist, Dr Matthew Clare, at an initial complimentary consultation. Alternatively, you can book for a full clinical examination at a cost of £95 to find out all your treatment options.