Lucy's story

I would like to say a massive thank you for the service provided to my daughter, Lucy. Nothing was ever too much trouble, even when breakages happened!! You always put her at ease and talked through every appointment. Definitely 10/10 for the service received from Rachel on reception through to Dr Reynolds and all the staff we have seen over the last 14 months. Would definitely recommend Lincoln Orthodontics. Thank you. Lucy hasn't stopped smiling yet!!

Stacey's story

I searched for 2 years to find the right orthodontist and when I met Dr Clare and the team I instantly knew this was the practice for me. My case was complex and my treatment took 2years 9 months, but through every step of the way I trusted Dr Clare and felt confident about my treatment.

The whole team are so friendly, punctual, efficient and most importantly professionals in what they do. No question I asked felt silly and I would quite often email pictures of my mouth to Dr Clare if I had any questions!

I am overwhelmed by my new smile and feel very lucky that I can now smile with confidence.

Thank you so much Dr Clare and the team for making my experience so smooth and easy and for giving me the smile I always wanted

Julie's story

I would like to convey my sincere appreciation to Matt Clare and all the staff at Lincoln Orthodontics.

At the age of 11 I visited the school dentist as my teeth were very overcrowded and I needed braces to correct them. Unfortunately I did not react well to having the impressions of my teeth taken. The orthodontist was most unprofessional, shouted at me, called me a stupid girl and was very annoyed with me because he would have to do the moulds again.

Although this was unacceptable behaviour on any level, to an eleven year old shy, naive schoolgirl, it was very damaging. Due to this bad experience I simply refused to return and resigned myself to a lifetime of crooked teeth and being extremely self-conscious about my smile.

This saddened me and over the years I have constantly reconsidered having my teeth straightened. On visits to various orthodontists over the years, I have been given negative feedback, told that it would be too difficult to correct my teeth due to my age and various other factors. The consultations didn't go in my favour and left me with too much doubt about whether braces would be suitable for me. Additionally, my childhood experience had scarred me and left me with what can only be described as a phobia about orthodontic treatment.

“Lincoln Orthodontics is very different in that it has a very welcoming and relaxing feel about it. It exceeded all my expectations and I was immediately put at ease.”

At the age of 45 I heard about Lincoln Orthodontics and they stated that patients of any age could be helped. I nervously took the huge step of going along to a consultation to see if I could be helped and whether my phobia could be overcome.

Lincoln Orthodontics is very different in that it has a very welcoming and relaxing feel about it. It exceeded all my expectations and I was immediately put at ease.

I saw Matt Clare at the consultation and told him my story along with my fears. It is not an exaggeration to say that Dr Clare is one of the kindest and most caring people you could ever wish to meet. He was totally supportive and empathic of my situation, listened to my problems and more importantly, put me at ease, addressed all of my worries and concerns and set me on the road to a positive attitude and outlook.

I instantly signed up to go ahead with the treatment and after 'thinking' about it for over 30 years the reality of having my teeth straightened was now in sight.

Having braces is sometimes difficult but it is nowhere near as bad as I had expected and, strangely, you do get used to the braces and the whole experience of having the wires changed and everything else that goes with orthodontic treatment. My phobia certainly disappeared and the visits just became normal to me.

I never felt embarrassed about my braces as I knew I was doing the right thing and a lifetime dream was coming true.

Now I have the perfect smile I have wanted all my life. After being extremely self conscious about smiling and laughing and being embarrassed about photographs, I have a new found confidence and I am overwhelmed and delighted.

Matt Clare is so understanding and compassionate. I am most grateful for everything he has done for me both in terms of restoring my faith in orthodontics and of course, for giving me the perfect smile I have craved all my life. A heartfelt thank you.

To anyone in any doubt about going ahead, take it from me, if I can do it, anyone can! I have had a lifelong phobia about braces and am the biggest wimp going! It really is not so bad. It's true that you do get used to it very quickly and the end results are so worth it. My teeth are now amazing and I am so proud of what has been achieved. My biggest regret is not doing it earlier in life. So, to anyone who is older and considering treatment, please do not wait a moment longer. It will be the best thing you can ever do for yourself.

A huge thank you to all the staff at Lincoln Orthodontics for your help, kindness and support. A special thank you must be conveyed to Dr Matt Clare who has treated me with dignity, kindness and professionalism at all times. Your work is indeed life changing and for that I am truly grateful.

A heartfelt thank you

Alex's story

From the first time I visited to the last, everyone has treated me with sensitivity, been happy and helpful.

From the age of 10 (I'm now 50) I have hated my teeth. I would hide when a camera came out. If anyone took my picture, I would demand it be deleted. I tried to have all my teeth removed to wear dentures but 5 dentists said they wouldn't – that's how desperate I was.

I finally went to Lincoln Orthodontics. I met Dr Clare and he told me what he could do for me. I agreed but thought it wouldn't work.

“The whole team over the last 18 months have been amazing, always! I felt that they treated me with kindness, understanding and reassurance”

In September 2013 my braces were removed and I was handed a mirror; I was speechless. I had perfectly straightened and beautiful teeth. This journey was life-changing. I feel 20 years younger and cannot stop smiling.

Thanks to all the team, especially Dr Clare – you are truly amazing.

Anon. patient - " was definitely worth it"

"I have always been self conscious of my teeth and opted for Invisalign because I didn't want the braces to be visible. At first, it seems quite daunting that each time you eat or drink you have to remove the braces, however you soon get into a routine of it, and often you forget you're even wearing them.

“No-one else commented on the fact that I was wearing braces. So they really are practically invisible”

Even though my treatment lasted about 18months, it was definitely worth it, and with the removable braces, only the people I had told knew that I was wearing them. No-one else commented on the fact that I was wearing braces. So they really are practically invisible. My teeth were a little sore each time I changed to a new brace, however this lasts less than a day."

Sandy's story

Thank you so much for my fantastic new smile. I have had a few weeks now to get used to it and the extra confidence it brings. You should have warned me that I would spend the first fortnight grinning like mad, even at complete strangers. This phenomenon should be named the 'Lincoln Orthodontics Effect' as it makes you smile at everybody, renders you unable to walk past a shiny surface without stopping to look at your teeth and gives you a compulsion to buy new lipstick.

“the 'Lincoln Orthodontics Effect'...”

Seriously though, it has been a great experience right from the beginning and I would like to thank Mathew Clare and the entire team at Lincoln Orthodontics for being super professional and caring and making me feel supported right the way through.

If anyone is thinking of having fixed braces to correct their teeth, you can tell them from me:

  • I definitely recommend Lincoln Orthodontics
  • You are not too old (I'm 47)
  • Wearing braces is not just for teens
  • My experience was not painful or scary
  • And finally, the best thing is that your fabulous new smile is for life.

Lara's story

Being deaf for most of my life I knew how much of a struggle it can be to understand everything. However at your practice it is a different story. I arrive happy and leave happy. Everybody is just brilliant and 'deaf aware' – which believe it or not is a rarity.

After many years of visiting dentists I will simply say "Just can't thank you enough!". I am glad I saved The Best until last. Thank you for changing my life and making it the most pleasant experience in the dentists chair!

Thank you for helping me achieve an amazing smile. I actually cannot stop. I fear that strangers in the local supermarket might think I'm drunk. Once again thank you to every single person at the practice – you're awesome.

Best wishes. Lara.

“thank you to every single person at the practice – you're awesome”

Nicki's story

My upper teeth had bothered me for many years but when I had my daughter in 2008 they began bothering me even more, with lots of family photos being taken I was always the one smiling but showing no teeth.

I decided to attend an open day at Lincoln Orthodontics where Dr Clare saw me and we discussed the different options and types of braces that would be suitable. I was absolutely petrified of the dentist as I always associated it with when I was a child, either having teeth pulled out or having a filling, but the whole team made me feel at ease straight away which was lovely. Within a week of my consultation I had my brace fitted, I went for InVu.

“A massive thank you to all at Lincoln Orthodontics who have made my journey so pleasant and rewarding”

Whilst the braces were on, I had to adapt my daily eating routine slightly and change a few things I ate but it was worth every second. I had my brace on for 8.5months and it has made such a difference to how I feel and look. It has been everything I expected and more. A massive thank you to all at Lincoln Orthodontics who have made my journey so pleasant and rewarding — I have never been anywhere where I have felt so welcomed and how each and every member understood my individual circumstances.

Thank you Lincoln Orthodontics for my life changing experience

Liz's story

A beautiful smile and a huge thank you to Dr Clare and his team for the professional advice and treatment I received.

At the age of 40, I was apprehensive about wearing a brace to correct a front tooth that had protruded and twisted, which I had become increasingly conscious of and decide it was time to do something about it. I wasn't sure what to expect or what would be involved.

“I always had the opportunity to ask any questions”

After my first consultation, I was immediately put at ease and a detailed report set out recommended treatment. I was delighted the treatment concluded with non-extraction and the choice was now with me as to whether to proceed or not. The decision was made and before I knew it my brace was fitted and there was no looking back! After just six weeks I could see a difference. I had two appointments within a six month period where my brace was adjusted. Every process of each procedure was explained before it was carried out and I always had the opportunity to ask any questions.

Six months later my brace came off and I am so delighted, words cannot explain. I feel so much more confident and happier with myself.

As for family, friends and work colleagues they were all very supportive and I never felt embarrassed about wearing a brace. So thank you again, to Dr Clare and to the team of Lincoln Orthodontics for quality results and service. Forever happy to smile!

Mrs A's Story

From start to finish (29 months) every member of the team we have encountered has been amazing! Everyone has been kind and helpful and the practice environment is very welcoming.

Big shout out to Kerryl who we've seen for many appointments. She always remember how my daughter likes her coloured bands to be put on! She makes the service a personal one and we never feel like "just another patient".

Massive thanks to everybody at Lincoln Orthodontics. We are so so pleased with the results. We will be back soon with our son so you can work your magic on him too! Smiles all round from us!